Who are Ciircus Street?

Indie pop is a busy genre these days, but we can’t say that there’s many indie pop duos lurking around like Ciircus Street – the double ‘i’ evidently alluding to the two main components of the group- Sam Brett and Jim Crowder. It was on an drink fuelled night going out to see a gig […]

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Introducing: J.J Leone

Having fallen to the lows of becoming homeless for a period of 6 months, the talented singer-songwriter, J.J Leone, has risen back using his passion of music and now he’s releasing his latest single, ‘With You’. With a super soulful R&B vibe, J.J has an easy listening vibe led by his expert guitar skills and […]

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M3staken ends trilogy with ‘Rain’

  Mixing harsh electronica with hip-hop infused beats is the domain of South Carolina born and bred artist and producer, M3staken. Defying the neatly categorised boxes of genres is a difficult thing to do, but M3staken somehow succeeds in doing this by constantly maintaining an experimental aesthetic to his work. The first album in his […]

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Who is Music Theory?

Yes, it sounds like a lesson you’d have at school, but in fact, Music Theory is an emerging pop artist from Egypt who making waves with his latest single ‘Down The Aisle’ which you can check out here. It’s a brave move to position yourself within the maelstrom of modern pop music, as it’s such […]

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Introducing: Chase The River

There’s such a wealth of singer-songwriters out there, it’s easy to get lost between the acoustic guitars and odd hats, but rarely do you find one with such an honest approach to songwriting that has been formed by a reel of scarring experiences. Northern Irish singer-songwriter, Chase The River, is just that and he’s in […]

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