Voldo Blanka ‘Go Your Way’

Having departed the rock and roll world with his former band, Head of the Herd, multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire, Neu Mannas, has embarked on his own solo musical project: Voldo Blanka. Moving in an entirely different direction from the blues-rock influences sound of Head of the Herd, Voldo embodies a wholly electronic vibe that sees bass-heavy tracks […]

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Who are Ciircus Street?

Indie pop is a busy genre these days, but we can’t say that there’s many indie pop duos lurking around like Ciircus Street – the double ‘i’ evidently alluding to the two main components of the group- Sam Brett and Jim Crowder. It was on an drink fuelled night going out to see a gig […]

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Track Review: ‘The Gathering’ by Psychopathic Romantics

Politically charged, austerity tackling, freedom of speech advocating and music liberating are just a few labels that can be given to Psychopathic Romantics new track, ‘The Gathering’. The Italian/American band consists of vocalist Mario Dust, guitarists Filippo Jr.Santoiemma and Augusto De Cesare and bass player, Vincenzo Tancredi. Despite Mario’s switch from drummer to lead singer […]

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