Satellite Ravens Are Keeping It Retro!

  Following the trends of today, with the triumphant return of things such as Vinyl and Cassette Tape, Psychedelic funk rock band Satellite Ravens have some standout releases to their name including the album ‘The Equinox’.  Getting ready for another bout of something interesting, creator and multi instrumentalist Carson Rohde can now expect nothing but love from […]

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Voldo Blanka ‘Go Your Way’

Having departed the rock and roll world with his former band, Head of the Herd, multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire, Neu Mannas, has embarked on his own solo musical project: Voldo Blanka. Moving in an entirely different direction from the blues-rock influences sound of Head of the Herd, Voldo embodies a wholly electronic vibe that sees bass-heavy tracks […]

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Who are: TONICA?

Having recently emerged from the Manchester underground, new electro-pop duo, TONICA, are looking to make a name for themselves in a city that has for years been associated with the birth of brit-pop-rock. It can’t be easy as an electronic musician in this sort of climate, where everyone around has the Liam Gallagher haircut and […]

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M3staken ends trilogy with ‘Rain’

  Mixing harsh electronica with hip-hop infused beats is the domain of South Carolina born and bred artist and producer, M3staken. Defying the neatly categorised boxes of genres is a difficult thing to do, but M3staken somehow succeeds in doing this by constantly maintaining an experimental aesthetic to his work. The first album in his […]

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