Voldo Blanka ‘Go Your Way’

Having departed the rock and roll world with his former band, Head of the Herd, multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire, Neu Mannas, has embarked on his own solo musical project: Voldo Blanka. Moving in an entirely different direction from the blues-rock influences sound of Head of the Herd, Voldo embodies a wholly electronic vibe that sees bass-heavy tracks […]

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Single Review: ‘Talk’ by Gulf

The ever changing, always evolving musical minds of Femi Fadero and Mark Jones seem to have found their creative calling in the form of their latest project, Gulf. Their new single Talk is but the next step in their musical success. Their new single is, in a word, sweet. But don’t take my word for it. These two […]

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Introducing: Feline and Strange

I think you can tell from this image and the name of the band, that Feline and Strange are no ordinary group of musicians – ‘Strange’ being the operative word. Nonetheless, the Berlin based duo are certainly pushing boundaries with their unique blend of operatic electro-wave cabaret, which is both dark and haunting, but equally […]

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Pwr bttm: sparkle, buns and beards

Easter Sunday 2017, a dark fairy light-lit, cosy back room stage, belonging to ‘The Exchange’ – a small, graffiti-covered, craft beer pub in Bristol. Two people walk through the crowd onto the stage. One has a face full of glitter, a beard and wears a leopard print dress, the other is wearing a gorgeous cream […]

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