Souli Roots Is Aiming High For Christmas Number #1


Souli first greeted our screens in 2013’s X-Factor, as the lively, exciting and courageous life and soul of the party.

However, after building her reputation in the local London music scenes, Souli is now ready to take on world domination, or should I say world peace. Her new track “World Peace Expression”, was made with one purpose, which was to bring peace and harmony to the world, and with Souli set lead this movement, there sure is a fighting chance.

This simplistic, yet emotional plea for respect and love throughout mankind is sweet and joyful. Souli has expressed her reasoning for making the song clear, “I will die trying to achieve my dream as an Ambassador of world peace through my music, I will never give up, I won’t give up”, as well as her intentions for the song to reach at Christmas number #1 spot this year.

However, you can find Souli on her website and other social media platforms to follow and support her in her ultimate goal to world peace.




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