Single Review: ‘Babysitter’ by Temper Cartel


The fiery four piece that make up Temper Cartel are back with a hard hitting indie rock anthem that despite the name, is far from infantile. The boys from Oxford will send you on a thrill ride of in-your-face guitars and provocative lyricism. No punches are pulled in the band’s new single.

Prior to the bands latest release, Temper Cartel have been no strangers to critical acclaim. Having received plenty of praise from the likes of BBC 6 Music, BBC Introducing and Night Shift Magazine, the group’s following is always on the up. Also having played with both The Strypes and The Bluetones, these guys are definitely up there with the big indie rock acts of today. The band breaks down as Danny Fisher on lead guitar, Josh Alden on rhythm guitar and vocals, Sam Alden drums and Everton Barbato (best musician’s name since Engelbert Humperdink) on bass. The combination packs quite a punch, and have often been synonymous with bands like The Strokes, The Libertines and The Maccabees. Once you hear Babysitter, you’ll know exactly why.

What’s great about this track is the balance between good and evil. On one hand there’s the beautiful head banging of the tribal like drums and rhythm guitar, but then to balance it out perfectly are the melodic ascending sounds of Danny’s guitar and Josh’s similarly soft yet forceful vocals. What makes this track however is the meaning behind the music. The Oxford boys are not afraid to express their political stances, and when it comes to music, they see it as the perfect platform to express their woes and frustrations. The title babysitter is  exactly that, as it acts on a metaphorical level for their frustration regarding what they believe is an over controlling government, amen to that!

To express that even further, the band have an absolutely awesome video to accompany the sound. Having recruited 40 friends and strangers alike to pull off this of this work of art, the group sought to bring back the emotions of their most inner child to express their frustrations – or tantrums in some cases – in light of the general election. One things for certain, is that everyone seen in the video most definitely tapped into their spiritual 10 year old selves. Babysitter all in all is the full indie rock package. It’s loud but melodic, its provocative yet fun, and won’t look out of place among the pioneers of the genre. More of the same please boys!

For more Temper Cartel creations, head to their website or follow them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.


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