Single Review: ‘Swingin’ Like I’m Bowie’ by Pluto Jonze

The Ozzy psych-pop sensation, Pluto Jonze pays tribute to the death of arguably the best British musician of the past century, David Bowie, with the release of his new single Swingin’ Like I’m Bowie. The loss of the man himself last year naturally touched millions around the world, none more so than the Australian musician who decided to pay homage to his revolutionary idol through his groove filled new track.

Having been on the music scene down under since 2012, the goal now is for Pluto to reach a more global audience sharing his pretty unique sound to as many as possible. The psychedelic sound of Pluto Jonze has unquestionable relations to Bowie himself, as well as the likes of The Beatles, Beck or more recently Tame Impala. His new release is no exception, and with such emotional motivation behind him, has materialized into quite the tribute.

Jonze said – “Last year sucked, I couldn’t listen to any of his songs (Bowie) without this sadness pinching me. Anyways, I’m over that and can now appreciate with clear eyes how he wanted his art to transcend himself and live on. He pushed the artistic envelope right to the end and this song is a celebration of that intent.”

He couldn’t be more right. The track truly is a celebration of Bowie’s work, and the legacy he has left for future generations. The twangy guitar and vocals, accompanied by extra terrestrial synth sounds, speak volumes for the impact Bowie had on Jonze as a musician. The general sound screams Ziggy Stardust, and with the use of the super psychedelic theremin  during the bridge of the song, again highlights not only Bowie’s influence, but Pluto’s desire to push musical boundaries and confidence to experiment with his own unique sound. And just to put the cherry on the icing on the cake, the track is equipped with a kaleidoscopic video that brings together Van Gogh paintings and Bowie like visuals over the most rural parts of Australia. A true expression of art.

Luckily for all you fans this side of the world, Pluto will be coming to the UK this summer to perform three gigs. Beginning by spreading the love in London on the 6th and 8th of August, and finally Cambridge on the 23rd.

For more information, head onto Pluto’s website, or follow his musical journey on FacebookTwitterInstagramSoundcloudYoutube or Spotify.



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