Calling All Music Makers! Free Entry to Salute’s Road to Success

Over the past decade or so, music talent shows have been the topic of much controversy within the industry as a whole. Shows such as The X Factor and its emphasis on short lived success rather than a career musicians has meant that the ’15 minutes of fame’ phrase has never been more true. Until now.

Introducing Salutethe alternative talent show to the BGT’s of this world that celebrates and values the innovative minds of Britain’s music makers. No matter who you are or what your sound is, Salute wants to hear it. But how do I get involved I hear you sing?!

First of all make/choose your music. As mentioned there is no boundaries when it comes to your or your groups sound and style. Salute actually encourages boundary pushing so do not fear if your music hasn’t got a 1D feeling to it. Each music maker can submit up to 4 pieces of music which will then be judged individually. It is important however to know that any tracks that have been previously released and are signed to a label or publisher will not be accepted. The competition opened back in April but all you perfectionists have until the 13th of August to get your tracks up to scratch.

Secondly, make your video. To enter the competition you need to submit a video of your music. The video can either be a live performance of your track that you’ve recorded on your phone or with a camera crew, or a pre-recorded audio track converted into mp4 video format. If you’ve made a music video to showcase your music, even better! The music is the most important part for our curators, but the more effort you put into the video, the better chance you have to stand out with our audiences. All videos submitted must be in mp4 video format and the maximum track length is 4 minutes. So contact your Danny Boyle wannabee buddy and get creative!


Step three is crunch time, this is when you submit your creations. Once you have your video/s ready, head over to the Salute website to submit your tracks. Click the link at the top of the page to begin the registration process. At this stage you will be prompted to select how many tracks you wish to upload and enter into the competition. You can submit a maximum of 4 tracks into the competition completely FREE of charge. Simply select the videos you wish to enter, and hit upload! (depending on your internet provider this may take a while).

The final step not quite as fun as the rest is just a bit of form filling. You will be asked to give the track/s a name, reference any musical influences, give a short description of the track, upload a picture of yourself/your band and add a thumbnail for each entry you submit. On completion of upload our team will review your entries to ensure they meet the Terms & Conditions, don’t worry, this won’t take long! You will then receive an email confirming you are a Salute music maker. The rest is out of your hands.

Now that you know what to do, get creating and maybe, just maybe you or your band could be crowned first place with a whopping £50,000 in your back pocket. For more information and important dates get on the website or visit their Facebook page Best of luck!



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