Single Review: ‘Talk’ by Gulf

The ever changing, always evolving musical minds of Femi Fadero and Mark Jones seem to have found their creative calling in the form of their latest project, Gulf. Their new single Talk is but the next step in their musical success.

Their new single is, in a word, sweet. But don’t take my word for it. These two groove makers have been held highly from a variety of cats in the music world. Paul Lester of The Guardian, Annie Mac and Huw Stephens of Radio 1 and NME Magazine have all sunk their teeth into the hazy sounds of Gulf, all with nothing but praise for the Liverpudlian duo. Femi and Mark have been a musical force for some six years now, with their sound varying quite a lot in that time. Although their sound has frequently changed, their approach has not, both constantly looking to push the boundaries of genre and of their own creative capabilities.

The band discussed the concepts behind their new music stating that it is – “Themed around a desire to explore our own creative universe. The songs reference our influences, personal experiences and dreams, but taken out of context and thrown into new settings. It references many aspects in modern life and looks to the future to pose more questions about the limits of our souls.”

The most striking thing about Gulf’s general sound, is how easy it is to listen to. After listening to more of their music, and although it has many different elements at the heart of it – the concoction of funk, psychedelia, hazy guitars and a some synth for good measure – gives all of their tracks such a dreamy feel. Parallels can definitely be drawn between Gulf’s sound and an 80’s Tears for Fears kind of sound, but with a modern kaleidoscopic feel that seems reborn from the 60’s and 70’s and is increasingly popular with some artists in recent years. Coincidence or not, this is definitely a strong and natural sound for the Liverpool duo and is one that should (and knowing them, will) be experimented with more.

Their new E.P. Polyphony, is out on the 28th of this month is definitely worth a listen for many reasons. On the one hand its light, funky and easy listening, but at the same time its 80’s feel will definitely urge you to jump around the room with a hairbrush in hand for a while. Just need to find those shoulder pads…

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