Single Review: Borrowed Words by Luna Blue

Few bands have such an upsetting yet inspirational start-up story as the Brighton boys that make up indie pop quartet, Luna Blue. The tragic death of a close friend in 2015 due to a drunk driver, consequently gave life to the Chichester University graduates in the form of a fundraising single titled, Welcome Home, in memory of their friend. After success in both raising money for the Nordoff-Robbins charity and in gaining musical notoriety, the boys are ready to release their first E.P. under the name of Nightjar including their brand new single Borrowed Words. The band consists of Tom High on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Ryan Wellman on lead guitar and backing vocals, Nick Davie on bass and Seb Bowen on drums.

To confine Luna Blue to merely an indie pop sound would not do them any justice whatsoever. But with fear of over complicating things it’s safe to say that their sound is much more than that. It’s hard to pinpoint Luna Blue, which I think is definitely a good thing. It’s compellingly familiar yet at the same time expresses refreshing innovation and flexibility (as you will all discover when you listen to the E.P.). Borrowed Words is no exception. The high toned funky guitar pieces courtesy of Ryan, and samba-like drumming by Seb lay the foundations for a classic indie summer sound. Mix that in with Nick’s tantalizingly energetic slapping of the bass, and Tom’s vocal range – which bears a resemblance to the sound of Klaxons lead singer James Righton – and you’ve got yourself a track that will slip nicely into any party playlist. So nicely in fact, that the video for Borrowed Words  showcases just how well this track goes down in a house party, while simultaneously advocating safe banana consumption. You’ll know what I mean.

To summarize, after listening to Nightjar – which I highly recommend you do – it is clear that Luna Blue are not just another indie pop band, far from it. There are similarities to the likes of Friendly Fires and Two Door Cinema Club (by no means a bad thing) and you may get that feeling from their latest single release, but this is an urge for you to listen to the entire E.P. because it will pay off. For their track , dedicated to their late friend, the band managed to record the song with a full orchestra behind them to really give it some welly. And for those lucky/near enough, they will be playing a live rendition of Welcome Home at Chichester University in March of next year. The band derive an eclectic mix of music for inspiration, including blues and jazz, metal and progressive rock, and musical pedigree such as Jeff Buckley and Pink Floyd. And without putting them up there with those guys just yet, what is sure is that the mix of musical interest and quality instrumentation of these four shines in their material, meaning the only way is up for the Luna Blue sound.

Follow Luna Blue on: FacebookTwitterInstagram and their official website .



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