Who are: TONICA?


Having recently emerged from the Manchester underground, new electro-pop duo, TONICA, are looking to make a name for themselves in a city that has for years been associated with the birth of brit-pop-rock.

It can’t be easy as an electronic musician in this sort of climate, where everyone around has the Liam Gallagher haircut and the parka jackets, but TONICA are adamant they can break away from the stereoype.

Their debut single ‘Save Yourself’ echoes remnants of contemporary artists like The Weeknd with its obscure, warped synth sounds, but clean vocals and a steady beat enhance the style before a super catchy chorus enters swiftly after the drop. Yes, this is pop music- it will appear to a lot of ears, but there’s a slightly dark, mysterious edge that surrounds the sound and this is something the duo reflect in their image.

Taking on an image which the pair like to label as ‘Neon-Noir’ encapsulates what TONICA are all about; bright, vibrant pop hooks that glow like street lights, set in contrast to the dark, unknown of the night.

TONICA explained their fascination with the ‘neon-noir’ stating: ‘The mood and aesthetic of 80s/modern neon-noir cinema has definitely inspired what we do. Films like Blade & Drive have this shadowy, mysterious, sinister feeling to them – we feel like our music captures that sense of drama & suspense too. We love the use of neon glamour & rich colours mixed with industrial gloom within NN cinema, especially in film posters.’

For fans of M83, The Weeknd, CHVRCHES

‘Save Yourself’ isn’t out until 11th August but you can check out more on TONICA here:






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