Music In Review: Savannah’s ‘Taxing Times’


In the mid 90’s Oasis were the king of indie rock, they were fresh and made us reconsider our perception of what “Rock and roll” was. Of course once you make such an impact, you inspire millions of musicians over the next 20 years.

Savannah seem to be one of these bands. On their new single ‘Taxing Times’ they boast similar rock and roll tropes to Oasis back in the 90’s. Yet, they have these modern, crunchy guitars rolling around that keep the sound fresh. Whilst Savannah wear their inspirations on their sleeves, the lyrics and instrumentals sound more gritty, more dangerous and darker than their predecessors. This is more obvious in the mid-song solo as the vocals echo distantly across the distortion of the guitar.

On these echoing vocals, Savannah throw some aspects of The Sex Pistols in to the mix, as the lead singer carelessly rolls off of his tongue, “you’ve got these taxing times on the horizon” over and over again. Only furthering the grey overtones that continues to make them unique.

This uniqueness, only gives us the idea that, rather than sticking to the rock and roll clichés Oasis had produced 20 years ago; Savannah are attempting to move their genre, introducing new ideas and broadening our sense of what rock and roll music can achieve.

Not too many modern bands have the potential to continue a rock and roll attitude in 2017, yet Savannah are looking to keep their genre alive. With a heavy job on their backs, Savannah must continue to reshape what we believe modern rock is.

‘Taxing  Times’ isn’t out until July 21st, but for now you can check out some of their previous material on Youtube below:


Words by Joshua Fortune


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