Who are Ciircus Street?

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Indie pop is a busy genre these days, but we can’t say that there’s many indie pop duos lurking around like Ciircus Street – the double ‘i’ evidently alluding to the two main components of the group- Sam Brett and Jim Crowder.

It was on an drink fuelled night going out to see a gig that the lads passed ‘Circus Street’ in Oxford, both agreeing that it would be a cool band name. More drinks ensued and before they knew it, Ciircus Street was born as their musical vehicle.

There is a chemistry and harmony at play between the two which is evident from the first few notes of their debut single ‘Mouth Like That’, proving that the pair bounce off each other when it comes to creating their music. In fact, Jim even notes that ‘Although it might sound weird, Sam influences my writing a lot. It represents a really fun challenge to try and write something for two people that will fit thematically within a certain brand and not fall into a different genre.’

‘Mouth Like That’ combats the deceptive theme of lying, spreading rumours and how that bad karma can come back to bite you. Ciircus Street explained that ‘Lyrically, the story follows the idea of someone who spreads rumors – someone I guess you could say is a compulsive liar, whether being in a friend group, or what not. But it’s about how that can come round to bite you. It’s our flagship song and one we’ve kept since the beginning and still enjoy playing. It’s had some great feedback from people too, and I feel it is the direction our music will take. Although we have songs within different styles, it all stays under our sound.’

For fans of: Ed Sheeran, James Bay, The Kooks, James Morrison and Jack Johnson

You can listen to ‘Mouth Like That’ when its released officially on July 14th, but until then, check out an acoustic version the boys played here:








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