Introducing: J.J Leone

edited image

Having fallen to the lows of becoming homeless for a period of 6 months, the talented singer-songwriter, J.J Leone, has risen back using his passion of music and now he’s releasing his latest single, ‘With You’.

With a super soulful R&B vibe, J.J has an easy listening vibe led by his expert guitar skills and raw, honest lyricism.

Becoming homeless was a low point for Leone, but he felt that since he had gotten himself into the situation, he would be the one to get himself out. This determination and strength of character is shown throughout  J.J’s music, especially since he has always felt like a bit of an outsider due to his travelling family background.

Nonetheless, J.J is the perfect example of the DIY musician, setting up his own studio from within his bedroom, where he writes, records and produces all of his music.

Fans of Ed Sheeran will certainly relate to Leone’s style  and in the past, J.J has even performed at the legendary Ronnie Scott’s jazz club in London.


Check out more on J.J Leone here:



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