Introducing: Chase The River

album cover

There’s such a wealth of singer-songwriters out there, it’s easy to get lost between the acoustic guitars and odd hats, but rarely do you find one with such an honest approach to songwriting that has been formed by a reel of scarring experiences.

Northern Irish singer-songwriter, Chase The River, is just that and he’s in the process of releasing his most accomplished record to date, Recycle Your Regrets.

It’s easy listening, but with a level of sincerity and lyrical prowess that you just won’t find anywhere else.

Unfortunately, the talented young man has had more than his fair share of trouble in life. He’s been through a string of heartbreaks, his father passed away, his mother was diagnosed with cancer and he even broke his back playing rugby, but these experiences have gone a long way in creating meaningful material for Chase the River to form his songs around.

Since the good ol’ days of folk seem to have passed a long time ago, Chase the River’s music has often been labelled as neo-folk, but this is not to say he employs a totally modern sound. In fact, his gritty vocals and raw recording style stray away from the shiny perfection of modern recording techniques, giving the music a much more vintage, sepia-tinged quality to it.

For fans of: Joe Purdy, Eddie Vedder, Leonard Cohen, Passenger

Recycle Your Regrets isn’t out until 17th June, so until then, check out more on Chase the River below:



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