Introducing: Vispa

Hailing from Iran, electronic artist Vispa is hoping to make a name for himself with his retro-styled brand of music.

His new single ‘Cosmic Force’ will take you straight back to an 80s video game (if you’re old enough to remember) with its dramatic computerised string sections and old-skool synth sounds.

With no vocals at play in the track, it’s all about the music and Vispa does well to create an evocative soundscape that takes listeners on a visceral sonic journey with its various breakdown sections that eventually return to the memorable motif.

However, despite its retro aesthetic, ‘Cosmic Force’ provides a danceable beat that certainly wouldn’t be unwelcome in the club, especially on an 80s night- perfect for throwing some old-skool shapes!

Whilst electronic music often seems to have a stigma and a certain image around it, Vispa has cleverly blended this mode of music with an intriguing orchestral edge, much like his inspirations: Jean Michael-Jarre, Kitaro and Vangelis. But although he looks up to these specialist artists, Vispa also finds musical stimuli within the work of Depeche Mode, Hans Zimmer and The Pet Shop Boys, which all help create his unique style.




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