Introducing: Les Kirsh


Life can be cruel at times, and none more so than for soul singer Les Kirsh. Back in the 70s, Les was on the brink of fame as a talented singer when a tragic car crash left him in a coma for 8 days.

It took a long time for Les to fully recover, but he spent much of this time trying to remember and re-learn all of his old classics using a guitar. During this time, Les also trained as a hairdresser and it was then that he met his wife and started a family.

But it seemed this was the end of Les’ career in the music industry. Or so he thought. It wasn’t until many years later, whilst his son was listening to Les’ old tracks that things kicked off again. He immersed himself in his dad’s music and realised that there was some truly special material there, hiding away in a box, not getting the exposure it deserved, so he urged Les to get back on the bandwagon.

Many years had passed so you can understand if Les was a little reluctant after all that had happened, but eventually, they got in contact with famed London producer, Andy Whitmore, who worked his magic, modernising and re-mastering three of Les’ songs.

Now, Les is resurrecting his career that never was with reinvigorated gusto, releasing those three songs: ‘Tell Me To My Face’, ‘Say’ and ‘La La La’.

Listen to ‘Say’ here:

Having been so close to fame all that time ago in the 70s, it’s fair to say that Les has quite the number of tales from his forays in the music industry. Les let us in on an amusing anecdote from his early days in the industry:

I was working for a company called Essex Music and I became friendly with an up and coming producer going by the name of Gus Dudgeon. I was actually one of the first to listen to some tracks by a new artist that he was raving about, but I can’t say that I thought much of it really. Fairly average. However, I was made to look silly when that artist turned out to be Elton John!’

Find out more on Les Kirsh here:



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