Track Review: ‘The Gathering’ by Psychopathic Romantics


Politically charged, austerity tackling, freedom of speech advocating and music liberating are just a few labels that can be given to Psychopathic Romantics new track, ‘The Gathering’.

The Italian/American band consists of vocalist Mario Dust, guitarists Filippo Jr.Santoiemma and Augusto De Cesare and bass player, Vincenzo Tancredi. Despite Mario’s switch from drummer to lead singer in 2008, the band still functions well rhythmically, taking turns switching percussion roles amongst each other. The band has been known to use instruments such as the harmonium, organ, kazoo, mandolin, glockenspiels and even toy pianos, as well as many other obscure non-conventional instruments.

Psych Folk Rock as a genre adds a new vibrant niche, which makes a lasting impact on music enthusiasts. Signing to Freakhouse records in 2014, this band is reminiscent of Johnny cash meets New Age Folk Activism.

‘The Gathering’ portrays imagery associated with political turmoil and shows representations of music being used as a method of freedom of speech in order to give ‘power to the people‘ and rise up against political repressors.

The track itself is slightly less upbeat than the other songs in their third album Bread and Circuses, yet the song seems relevant to the current political situation and so the band decided to release the track two years later then originally intended.

Mario leads the band with his dreary vocals as well as a mixture of collaborated guitarists within the background. This symphony of plucking and sharp tones shapes a feeling of dismay and eeriness that the listener can relate and feel towards.

The band are mostly self driven as well as independent, they designing and producing all of their music videos,  and they can also boast making their own Recording studio.

If you’re looking for music which is evocative and relevant towards modern day society, then this band is the one for you. They certainly make a change from the generic spoon fed mainstream music from the charts.

Hang the blessed DJ, because the music that they constantly play, it says nothing to me about my life‘ – Morrisey


Zak Rosewell

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