‘Fading Photograph’: The New Track From Glenn Harrold

Fading-Photo-5338 x 3002

Returning with his second single, ‘Fading Photograph’, Glenn Harrold is beginning to make a name for himself in the world of music. However, Glenn is already a household name in the hypnotherapy game, having sold millions of copies of his self-help apps and downloads all over the world. He has even written 7 books on the topic which have release by major publishers.

It might seem an odd transition, from hypnotherapist to musician, but in fact, Glenn has been writing music for years, only now taking it on more seriously as a profession.

‘The Wayfarer’ was Glenn’s first release, relating to the story of the Peace Pilgrim: an inspirational female figure who walked across America for many years of her life, all in the name of peace. Whilst this was a truly folk-tale inspired track, Glenn has arguably looked more introspectively for ‘Fading Photograph’ – a song that explores the pain of losing the one you love and the memories that remain for a long time afterwards.

Whilst Glenn is the musical mastermind behind the writing of ‘Fading Photograph’, he has employed the delicate vocals of Dean Rhymes to deliver on the track, much like he did for ‘The Wayfarer’.

Nonetheless, Glenn Harrold certainly isn’t fading away with his latest release.

Watch the video for ‘Fading Photograph’ here:



Pre-order ‘Fading Photograph’ on Itunes now: 





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