Who is Jaq Moon?


If you were to listen to Jaq Moon’s ‘Stay Alive’  without knowing who it was, you might think it was the Weeknd, or someone similar in that vein of music. This would only act as a compliment to the young urban artist from Miami who has big things set on the horizon.

Jaq Moon unfortunately encountered a difficult childhood, growing up without a Father, who he didn’t meet till much later in life. As a consequence, he was forced to move around a lot, but the bright side of this was that he was exposed to a wide range of music whilst he was still young.

Now, Jaq Moon has fused these experiences and knowledge in sound to form his Dark Matter EP, which is set for release in late May. Despite the name of the record, Moon aims to offer some light within a dark industry and dark world – his music uniting all people of good will, no matter their race, religion, culture, sexual orientation and class.

‘Stay Alive’, taken from the upcoming EP, takes on the unique form of a catchy rock infused, urban-pop tune, led by a moody guitar riff, something you wouldn’t necessarily expect within the genre. However, this only goes to show the ambitious and boundary-pushing nature of Jaq Moon who has a bright future ahead of him in the world of music.

It’s easy to see how acts such as the Weeknd, Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars influence the young musician, with hints of these musical legends woven throughout his sound.

‘Stay Alive’ is out 12th May.










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