Beldon Haigh’s ‘Land of Hope’

single cover

‘Land of Hope’ is the latest song from talented protest song writer, Beldon Haigh. the world was introduced to the music of Beldon just a few months ago when he released a song to protest against Donald Trump’s presidency called ‘Freedom’. The song came at a key moment, just after Trump’s win, in the hope that the millions who oppose the 45th president of the United States would also voice their opinion.

Once again, Beldon has struck at the right time with ‘Land of Hope’ which aims to raise awareness of the refugee crisis that is going on all over the world at the moment. We may only see the news footage from Syria and the middle east,  but the crisis is one of global proportions.

To devote one’s songwriting skills to a worthwhile cause is one thing, a very noble thing at that, but Beldon’s ability to write catchy pop-rock influenced songs that also combat the pressing issues of our society is perhaps just as laudable.


The video for ‘Land of Hope’ displays some shocking and disturbing images of the plight of refugees that are truly moving. This is placed in contrast to the upbeat nature of the track making an intriguing, yet potent combination. It even lists a number of celebrities who have been forced out of their own country, just to put it all in perspective.

In a world where the modern day activist can take a number of forms, Beldon assumes the shape of the musician and it’s difficult to think of a more effective medium for getting a point across. ‘Land of Hope’ may well have you in tears by the end of the video, but it will also make you get up and want to do something in order to help the cause.


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