Lisa Richards releases ‘A Light From The Other Side’


Australian singer-songwriter Lisa Richards dabbles in an eclectic musical mixing pot of folky-jazz pop with a bit of bluesy-roots thrown in for good measure and now she is releasing her new album, A Light From The Other Side.

Out on April 21st, Lisa’s new albums displays an artist who has gone through a lot in her life, encountering some difficult times, but she has manipulated these trialing periods into material for her songs.

Listen to ‘Frank Sinatra’ from the album here:

Consequently, A Light From The Other Side is a highly self-reflective album, opening a door into the world of Richards, which she happily reveals to us with her endearing songwriting style and sweet-sounding vocals.

The talented singer-songwriter was born and raised in North Queensland, Australia, where her mother, who had previously worked as a concert pianist, had moved to for Lisa’s father. Her childhood was unstable to say the least, which eventually led to her flying the nest in search of a career in music in the city.




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