Corinna Jane returns with ‘Echoes of My Mind’

_M0A2578 (1) copy

Northampton based singer-songwriter, Corinna Jane, has returned with her new single ‘Echoes of My Mind’ which follows up her previous pop-rock track, ‘Three Faces of You’ from last year.

This time, Corinna has strayed somewhat from her pop-rock roots, meandering into the world of the soulful ballad. ‘Echoes of My Mind’ is a much more personal kind of song that offers a reflection on Corinna as a person, as well as a songwriter. It’s a song that looks back to the end of a relationship in a way that knows the grief will be forever haunting.

Built on a base of spine-chilling piano, ‘Echoes Of My Mind’ builds carefully and gradually, introducing Corinna’s soft and delicate vocals alongside subtle string accompaniments. This is simple songwriting from Corinna, but that’s why it works so well. Having grown up during the MTV generation, she knows what good pop music sounds like and she also knows what it’s not. Consequently, Corinna is looking to bring back a more melodic form of pop music that she believes has been lost in recent years.

‘Echoes of My Mind’ is almost a world away from ‘Three Faces of You’, but this simply demonstrates Corinna’s adaptability as an artist and shows a lot of promise for her in the future.




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