Guitar music reinvented by The Outside Illusion

The Outside Illusion, led by guitarist, Denis Salgado, has been going since 2011, but now the band are back with their latest instrumental album Silent Communication.

The aim of the new album is to explore those deeper emotions, but without the use of words. Whilst this might seem like an increasingly difficult task, Denis’ guitar expertise take on the role of lead vocalist, expressing feeling through emotive bends, slides and licks.

The stripped back style of The Outside Illusion employs a background of electronic subtleness, which makes way for Denis and his guitar to take centre stage.

Although The Outside Illusion blend electronic and hard rock styles, front-man Denis Salgado’s guitar acts as the vehicle that takes the listener to explore their deepest emotions and thoughts, taking traditional guitar to a new level.

One thing that The Outside Illusion feel strongly about is the idea that instrumental music has a greater sense of openness, where listeners can form their own images and atmospheres from the music. This is certainly the case when you close your eyes and take a moment to really engage with the music of the Outside Illusion; it’s special stuff, so get your ears wrapped round it.



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