‘Water Colors’: The new release from genre blender M3staken

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 11 (1400x1400) (2)

M3staken, otherwise known as M3, a producer and artist hailing from South Carolina has returned after his debut release with the new record Water Colors.

Having released Apex earlier this year, a concept album that joined the forces of hip-hop beats with electronic instrumentation and classical piano, the young musician has continued his experimental style on the new record, providing a challenging listen for true music connoisseurs.

Creating atmosphere is exactly what M3 is about in his music and the mix of dark drone-like sounds combines jarringly with his high-level production skills to create a kind of music like none you have other heard.

If you’re looking for something different, to broaden your musical horizons, then look no further than M3staken. Hip-hop fans will identify with the complex beats, but only the most experience listeners will appreciate the considered and specific work that has gone into creating such a unique and ambitious sound.

You can listen to Water Colors here on bandcamp:










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