Calling all disco fans! The Korvids take us back


Pioneering a retro-disco sound with modern production, The Korvids are releasing their self-titled album – a record full of vintage dance anthems that will take disco- lovers back to their hey-day.

Consisting of Gordy Goudie, who has produced for Simple Minds, and James Grant, former singer from 80s group, Love and Money, the Korvids inherit a wealth of musical experience which is evident upon listening to the album. At heart, the record is full of groove and face-scrunching bass lines, as you might expect from a disco influenced album, but at times, it moves disco into the modern day with ambient and atmospheric synths, flowing elegantly with Grant’s smooth vocals.

After the success of their debut release ‘Beach Coma’, which was picked up by Sirius US radio and remixed by Balaeric legend Jose Padilla, the duo released ‘Bad Faith’, a beauteous cut of late 70s disco remixed by Love and Money and Steely Dan’s producer Gary Katz.

The Korvids is out 28th April.



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