Beldon Haigh: Fighting Trump’s Presidency with his protest song ‘Freedom’

Protests songs are a rare breed in this day and age but desperate times call for desperate measures and Beldon Haigh has stepped up to the plate, writing a protest song against the new President of the United States.

‘Freedom’ highlights a number of President Trump’s vices through witty lyricism and the well-selected montage of footage that goes alongside the song. It asks all the relevant questions, mainly that of ‘Can we really stand to have this man as President of the United States?’.

Beldon notes that the inspiration for the song came to him in a dream and as he woke up, he quickly penned the song down in twenty minutes before it was forgotten. Haigh’s style mixes insightful storytelling with a traditional, yet effective songwriting approach, but there is always substantial lyricism that holds a purpose behind the music.

With influences ranging from Lou Reed to Bob Dylan and Elbow to the Waterboys, Beldon’s music is highly accessible as simply great music to listen to – that’s before you even know what’s it’s about.

‘Freedom’ is a track that everyone should listen to- if not for the awareness of political happenings in the world, then simply for the sake of music. Get your ears round it!

Find out more on Beldon Haigh here:







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