The Car Crash Victim Raising Money For Brain and Spine with His New EP


Adam Lanceley is one inspirational character. Having suffered sever head and spine injuries in a car crash at the age of 10, he has come a long way since, proving Doctors wrong by recovering and even going on to run several 10K races and the London Marathon. Oh, and he writes his own music too.

‘Back To The Sunshine’ is Adam’s 6th release, having previously recorded 5 full length albums, and the proceeds from sales of the record will go the Brain and Spine foundation.

Throughout his vast back-catalogue of work, Adam has developed a highly recognisable style featuring punchy vocals and lilting guitar lines, all with the aim of creating a bright, West Coast sound, akin to that of his idols, The Beach Boys. However, with the new EP, Adam has experimented with new instrumentation and production methods that he hopes will bring another level to his music.

When it comes to songwriting, Adam takes inspiration from almost anywhere, but particular places from his childhood have proved key in creating his new work. Locations such as Devon and Yorkshire, amongst other places, have sparked fountains of ideas for Adam which he has turned into songs of meaningful lyrics and back stories. Consequently, through his music, Adam creates a mystical grandeur that looks back in time reminiscently.

Apart from The Beach Boys, Adam is influenced by vintage acts like Roy Orbison and indie-rock pioneers, R.E.M. The new EP was recorded in Surbiton with the help of a sound engineer who worked the engineering for The Eagles when they last played at the Royal Albert Hall.

You can listen to ‘A Film We All Saw’ from Back To The Sunshine here:





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