Welcome to Bandzit!


Are you in a band? Do you wish that getting gigs was much easier? Do you own a venue? Do you find it hard filling gig slots? Do you just love going to gigs? Enter Bandzit.

Bandzit is a game-changing new platform aiming to unite everyone involved in music whether you’re an artist, a venue or just a music lover, whilst cutting out the hassle of the middle man. The innovative portal brings industry members and the public together in one online community that covers a multitude of functions from ticketing to booking gigs and filling tour slots to finding new band members. You can even sell your gear on it!

Essentially, Bandzit works on the ethos of having everything you need to plan, create and promote events in one convenient place, or if you simply want to see your favourite bands, you can buy tickets too.

With an easily recognisable social media style including a wall, newsfeed and the classic ‘liking’ and ‘following’ functions, users can constantly be in contact with the right people, building networks of like-minded people in order to help acts get off the ground with their live shows. Consequently, Bandzit aims to create a network where musicians, venues and agencies retain their customer and fan bases and build momentum from each event, rather than creating stand-alone gigs where they can easily be forgotten. The social media style functionality lets you follow and share content from your favourite musicians, keep up to date with local venues and the live events they have booked, or fill up an entire tour with our multi enquiry tools.

Making you wonder why no one has thought of the idea before, Bandzit’s direct approach to contacting those in the music industry cuts out those middle men like booking agents, saving you both money and time – an idea at the heart of what Bandzit is all about. Bandzit know the trials and tribulations of being a musician and so they want to help other musicians to make their lives easier; whether you’re a struggling artist or beginning to hit the big time.

Not only that, but gig-goers will be pleased to hear that booking fees for tickets will never exceed £1, something that creator, Phil Wilson, feels is fundamental to the live music scene.

Phil is looking to reinvent the face of the music community through Bandzit’s website and app, bringing everyone together under one roof. With objectives of less hassle, less time and less cost, Phil wants to ‘bring music to the people and the people to the music.’


 Get involved and sign up to Bandzit here:





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