‘Time Won’t Wait’: The New EP from Eden Royals


All has been quiet for a while now with Eden Royals, having not released a single in over a year, but they certainly haven’t been putting their feet up. After touring in America with the platinum selling cult band, Third Eye Blind, Eden Royals are back with their new EP Time Won’t Wait.

In the past, the band have performed at Liverpool’s Sound City Festival, where they shared a stage with the likes of King Krule, Bastille and Peace. The Daily Mirror even voted them one of their top bands from this!

Consisting of Lloyd Buck, John Ryder, Kenny Cole and Sean Quigley, the band have a wide range of musical backgrounds. For example, John used to play in a Beatles tribute band, whilst Lloyd has been lucky enough to feature in music videos for Paul McCartney and Pete Doherty. They boys hit the jackpot when Kenny answered the door to his neighbour, the owner of Cutmore records. After hearing the band’s demos, Cutmore were instantly on board.

Since the band’s inception, they have received support from the likes of both BBC Introducing Essex and This Morning. Time Won’t Wait is set for release March 10th alongside the homemade music video, showing Eden Royals touring America.

Time Won’t Wait isn’t out quite yet, but you can watch the video for Eden Royals’ last single, ‘Close To The Sun’ here:







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