‘I Belong In Hell’ by Jodie Dunn

Jodie H. Dunn may well be the next big thing in UK popular music and her first professional release, ‘I Belong In Hell’ is paving the way for her.

Music has always been a part of Jodie’s life, beginning when she would sing in the garden, pretending that her neighbours were the audience. As she grew older, Jodie found that writing songs became more than just a hobby and so she pursued a career in music, alongside her school studies. After having bad experiences with an unknown label who tried to sue her family over a contract dispute, it wouldn’t be surprising if Jodie was put off music all together. However, things were made worse by severe bullying that she experienced at school.

The situation became so bad that Jodie was forced to move schools during her exams. Despite all this trouble, Jodie still turns to her songwriting as a form of catharsis and release that can truly express her feelings.

Her first professional single, ‘I Belong In Hell’, is a beautifully crafted, dark ballad that addresses the topic of someone controlling you when you’re feeling at your lowest point. As she has got older, Jodie’s songwriting has developed to a level of that belies her years, writing about difficult subjects with lots of emotion.

‘I Belong In Hell’ was produced with the help of Andy Whitmore at Greystoke studios and now that Jodie has the professional studio experience, hopefully we’ll be hearing more from her soon!









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