Dex Man ft. Wanza: ‘Devil Ina Blue Dress’

Rising up out of the thriving urban scene in London is Dexter Sampson, otherwise known as Dex Man, who creates a unique blend of afrorap and hip-hop that sets him apart from the crowd. Drawing on African influences and combining this with a more western rap style, Dex Man exhibits some of his best work to date in ‘Devil Ina Blue Dress’.

As part of the Leftwing Movement, there is a certain ethos behind the creation of Dex Man’s music and this is clear when you really listen to his work. Dex Man also has been given invaluable information on the music industry from Corey Johnson, one of the most influential figures within the urban scene, looking after acts such as Nasty Crew, Lady Fury, Maxsta, 15 Family and Blade Brown and more recently being very closely linked with Drake ft Kyla’s huge hit One Dance. 

Dex man could be described as a genre hopper, exploring his way through various styles including pop, hip hop, reggaeton, drill, house and RnB. Consequently, he has showcased his  versatility and passion as an artist.

Devil Ina Blue Dress‘ has received an amazing response after being featured on Link Up TV and Hackney’s Finest where the video received over 40,000 views in under a week. Taking influences from heavyweights such as Dr Dre, Meek Mill, Skepta and Drake, Dex Man has formed his own individual style which is helping him to take that next step within the music industry.







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