‘Leaves, Sadness, Science’- The New Album From Marilyn Carino

Having shared stages with the likes of  Black Star and David Byrne, long-time activist and Buddhist, Marilyn Carino, is releasing her second solo album ‘Leaves, Sadness, Science’ which features R.E.M bassist Mike Mills. The album is a supercharged fusion of electronic, soul and hip-hop styles that create a particularly distinctive sound.

The Brooklyn native is clearly a master of her craft, having written, recorded and mastered all the tracks on the new album; a testament to her quality as a musician. There is no doubt that she has got to this point through her rich experiences in the music industry. It seems there is a never-ending list of people that Marilyn has worked with including Crazy Horse bassist, Billy Talbot, renowned producers Sly and Robbie and Samuel T. Herring of Baltimore Electro-rockers, Future Islands.

Carino’s singing has been called, “powerful to the point of bringing you to tears” (Straight No Chaser) and her music, “enchanting – a testament to the healing powers of rhythm” (Nylon).  The album exhibits a collection of head-space grooves formed from layered, Moog-y synths and stark beats. Her long time practice of Nichiren Buddhism is the force that forms her songs into gripping, graphic internal monologues that explore themes of sex and radical self-expression.

Check out more on Marilyn here:







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