Jazz pianist Massimo Colombo’s entirely unique Burt Bacharach tribute album

One of the greatest European jazz pianists Massimo Colombo has created an entirely unique Burt Bacharach tribute album, featuring the likes of Weather Report’s drummer Peter Erskine and Yellowjackets’ Bob Mintzer. The range of musicians involved has meant the album has a blend of genres, from jazz to swing to funk.

The album escapes the jazz album cliche whilst still sticking to Bacharach’s original aims and moods. Alongside Colombo, Erskine and Mintzer is one of the most appreciated double bass players in the world Darek Oleszkiewicz, Michael Stever and refined folksinger Kathleen Grace.

The well established musicians were joined by producers Giampaolo Pasquile and Michele Garruti who took inspiration from the likes of Chet Baker and Michael Buble. This formed a smooth jazz sounds whilst still having elements of multiple other genres.



Watch the album teaser here:




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