Angie A’s quirky ‘Essex Girl (Professional)’

Angie A is looking to bring an older style of music into the 21st Century, mixing a distinct twelve bar blues sample from the Fleecy Moore song, ‘Caldonia’, with contemporary lyrics and original inspiration.

Nor is Angie one to shy away from the media; she has already appeared on Britain’s Got Talent, receiving compliments on her vocals from judges, Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan. Also, Angie has recently gained media coverage in the Essex area after showing her support for the #IamanEssexgirl campaign for the dictionary definition of the term to be removed.

The track exhibits a refreshingly original inspiration as it takes influence from Angie’s guilty pleasure, The Only Way Is Essex, and also from the empowering story of the 1960s Dagenham girls who fought for fair pay for women.

Also a singing teacher in her spare time, Angie’s pin-point vocals have a classic, rich tone comparable to the likes of Jools Holland’s Rhythm and Blues Band, Nina Simone and even Ella Fitzgerald.  In fact, it is one of Angie’s aspirations to appear on the Later…With Jools Holland show hence why she has adopted the hashtag, #RoadToJools.

Find out more on Angie A here:


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