Track Review: Jon McDevitt’s ‘Father Christmas’


Musician and composer, Jon McDevitt, is no stranger to the music industry and his latest project comes in the form of a Christmas song, but not like you’ve heard before.

We’re all well accustomed to bell-jingling, snow-frolicking Christmas songs about presents and sleigh rides, but Jon McDevitt has offered a refreshingly alternative take on what we normally hear on the radio by the end of November.

The intro to ‘Father Christmas’ has a definite folk-rock, americana feel to it with a sound not dissimilar to the likes of Travis or The Coral. Consequently, you wouldn’t know it was a Christmas song until McDevitt starts singing.

That’s one more thing that makes ‘Father Christmas’ a unique festive anthem: the lyrics. McDevitt sings ‘I’m Father Christmas, I’ll have a whiskey, I’m Father Christmas, will you miss me?’ proving that this is no ordinary Christmas song.

According to McDevitt and co-writer, Dominic Hudson, the song has a number of possible readings, it is not just a surface value Christmas jingle. Supposedly, the song addresses the issue of Christmas being unfortunately over-commercialised and how the wonder of Father Christmas has seemingly been lost. Despite this, as to the how and why, it is up to the listener to contemplate and decide for themselves.

The fact that ‘Father Christmas’ has alternative readings promotes meaningful musings on the true significance of Christmas, rather than just the glossy front-page image painted by conventional Christmas songs.

Overall, if you’re fed up of the same Christmas playlist every year, then perhaps throw Jon McDevitt’s ‘Father Christmas’ in to the mix for something wholly more original and honest.

Find out more on Jon and his music here:


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