British singer-songwriter Nancy Black writes EP ‘Dirty Little Bass’ as an escape from heartbreak

From collaborating with hip hop artist Lonzo Starr and Young Rob to gaining support from Major Lazor, Nancy Black has developed her own unique style which she’s portrayed in her upcoming EP ‘Dirty Little Bass’. The British singer-songwriter started writing music from a young age, finding her own sound and forming an all girl rock band Pink Lemons. Black soon gained the confidence to go solo and developed her style to become much more commercial but with a killer dance beat, giving it an edge.

Following her success in the Music Week Commercial Charts at number 8, the ‘Dirty Little Bass’ EP is bursting with pop anthems but with highly emotive lyrics. Black found herself using songwriting as a form of therapy after a bad break up with a girl she fell hopelessly in love with. The medium of music gave Black an escape from the heartbreak and has led to the fantastically powerful ‘Dirty Little Bass’.


Watch the music video to ‘Dirty Little Bass’ here:





Categories: Pop

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