Tuffet Bunnies- ‘Love Songs For Scarlett’


Tuffet Bunnies is the musical moniker of Los Angeles based folk-rock artist, Clem Darling.

An emotional outpouring of folk-rock love songs, ‘Love Songs For Scarlett’ is Tuffet Bunnies debut EP. Darling has written the 4 tracks as a way to express his love for his circus performer girlfriend Fiona Scarlett.

The folk singer-songwriter describes the four songs as sounding like “they’ve been  written by a bunch of gypsies that popped out of the back of a caravan” and if that’s not reason enough to have a listen, then I’m not sure what is. Each track explains the magical feeling of being in love, demonstrating Darling’s honest and truthful approach to songwriting.

Similar to artists such as Adam Green and Futur Primitif, Tuffet Bunnies is well worth a listen. You might even unearth some hidden feelings at the same time.

Check him out here:






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