White Lies release 2 singles ahead of album ‘Friends’

White Lies release 2 singles from upcoming album ‘Friends’ due out October 7th. Both tracks ‘Hold Back Your Love’ and ‘Morning In LA’ are their first major releases under new deal with BMG.

White Lies’ Charles Cave on ‘Hold Back Your Love’ says; “It’s hard for me to talk about ‘Hold Back Your Love in a measured way. We all absolutely love this song. I felt the same after we recorded ‘Death’, ‘Bigger Than Us’, or ‘Big TV’. Call it emotional attachment, or hopefully just a ‘good ear’, this song feels like it confidently sits itself down on the front row of White Lies songs that fall into elusive ‘encore’ territory. I’m struggling to remember how this song came about, which is always a positive feeling as it suggests the process was a totally pleasurable and inspirational one, but I know that it was written quickly and the melodies seemed to do that dreamy thing of writing themselves. I think we were in a ‘Tango In The Night’ state of pop when this song came about, and you can definitely hear that in the middle section. But equally, (and this band has been a huge influence since we were fifteen) there’s a solid Talking Heads stomp that, dare I say it, you can almost dance to!”

Listen to ‘Hold Back Your Love’:

Cave says of ‘Morning In LA’; “Morning in LA was the first eureka moment during the writing of this record, and luckily came about quite soon after starting which gave us a huge boost of confidence to continue with. Much like our song ‘Big TV’ from the last record, this is a song about modern life, and I think there’s a subtlety to the lyrics that people will find endearing and hopefully somewhat moving. ‘Morning In LA’ is about disenchantment with the place you live, having to see it change around you – sometimes in a way that feels less than positive, and it’s about also watching your friends make life choices that may shift how your relationship works, in this case that frustration comes from dealing with time zones – wanting to be able to call your friend like you used to but realising they live in America now and are still asleep. So it’s a love song really, a love song for friends, and a hate song for time zones.”

Listen to ‘Morning In LA’:


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