The 109’s release 12 track debut album

the-109s-2Having been compared to big name bands such as Black Sabbath, Royal Blood and Iron Maiden, The 109’s deliver a white knuckle rollercoaster ride of an album… plus it’s only their debut.

The band’s song arrangements are always original and surprising, wringing every droplet of dynamism and groove from a single riff, before strutting seamlessly through a flurry of exciting changes that are strung together with the delicacy of dewdrops on a cobweb…

Along with their extreme talent, their lead guitarist Matty Pritchard is also a crime author with three novels to his name.

Damian Shelley is the vocalist and wow, what a powerful voice he has. I have a few favourites off of the album, such as Track 7 – ‘Turn It Around’. Listen to it below:


It has a catchy chorus, you seem to sing along to without even realising, which is a good thing, its one of those foot tapping-ly good songs.

Another personal favourite of mine is Track 11 ‘No Shame’, listen below:

The intro is nice and heavy and reminds me of one of the comparable bands Iron Maiden, it is definitely something I could listen to over and over again.

The lead track off of the album is ‘Open Road’, Listen below:

It starts off with a bit of a country feel, then the guitars kick in and you remember that  The 109’s are a certified rock band.

The self-titled album is due for release October 7th, hopefully after this they will release some live dates as I’m sure they will have many rock fans ready to come enjoy what they have to offer.


Check out the rest of the album here:


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