Liam Browne and The Love release new single and album


The music is raw and unpretentious, juxtaposed with the vocals, which have an idiosyncratic style and are consistently engaging, while the lyrics are intriguing and intelligent.”

– Nigel Colley, Reflex Artists


With a cult following in Manchester, Liam Browne and The Love are ready to break out into wider area’s and get their sound heard.

Described as a genre-meddling indie act they release ‘Baby Grow’ off of their upcoming album ‘Forget and Remember’.

‘Baby Grow’ is Delivered with a raw and untamed Mancunian attitude, it is what I’d describe as a happy go lucky track, as that’s how it makes you feel, it’s upbeat, bouncy and happy.


Check it out:

Stream ‘Baby Grow’ on Soundcloud here: 


The album features Rowetta from the legendary Happy Mondays who has also got a copy of the album already, she describes Liam as ‘A born frontman who always looks like he’s playing to a stadium’.

Liam actually has his first London gig this Friday 30th September at Spice of Life in Soho at 7pm, if you’re around definitely go check him out, especially after the quote from Rowetta, you can imagine that the live shows are not to be missed.

On top of his work as a musician, Liam Browne has starred in a number of cult movies including acclaimed raunchy Brit flick brilliantlove. He is close to Stereophonics lead singer Kelly Jones after taking the lead role in his music videos for ‘Violins and Tambourines’ and ‘In the Moment’.


The album is due for release 2nd October.





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