Bull Funk Zoo Release Impressive New Album ‘Dangerous Radio’

bfz_logoReady to take the Rock industry by storm, Bull Funk Zoo release their explosive new album ‘Dangerous Radio’, previous collaborations featured Eslam Jawad – M.C – Former Gorillaz and Wu Tang Clan and Hamden Al-Abri, but this album sees Assad Lakkis aka Bull Funk Zoo performing and producing the whole album himself.

‘A big bad bull rocking out, fornicating and wildly stompin’ the blues to rubble. Hendrix havin’ a drink with Tom Waits and RATM decided to tear it up’ is how Bull Funk Zoo describe the album… His debut album was recorded in 2013 and got the highest ratings for an unsigned band’s record by Rolling Stone, which is a huge achievement.

A favourite track of mine is ‘Losing Control’ this is because of the heavy guitars, which is a theme throughout, but this track really struck a chord with me, see what I did there?…

‘Losing Control’ made me want to go out and buy a Harley Davidson and dye my hair a bright colour, it really seemed to bring out the rebel in me, the whole album makes me want to try new things, Rock isn’t a genre I pay a lot of attention to, but Bull Funk Zoo really resonated with me and I enjoyed the album.

Listen to ‘Losing Control’ here:

Another track I loved was ‘Whiskey’ not only is that my drink of choice but I really enjoyed the intro to the track, it’s a bit softer than ‘Losing Control’, Assad has the perfect vocals for a rock musician with the deep growls and higher tones he reaches, it really is a great rock album.

Listen to ‘Whiskey’ here:


I’d recommend listening to the album in full, and you can just by luck, here:



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