Asylums- Necessary Appliances

This year’s model, next year’s scrapheap? It’s all soooooo necessary. Darling.

And so is the next one when that one goes kaput. The wonders of home catalogue shopping, internet shopping, interacting with as few humans as possible to consume as much as possible to impress the other humans, whilst racking up debts we’re still paying when we come to put the pennies on our eyes.

“IS THIS WHAT WE’VE COME TO?” you ask. And not just you. ASYLUMS are asking the same question, and more besides. Disposable culture? Not for Asylums, not any day of the week. Some things are still built to last.

Is it necessary? Is it any good? Do I want it? YES. Asylums new single “Necessary Appliances” will make you happier, sexier, fitter, more productive, and an all-round better member of society. Or not. But it will give you a hell of a three-minute ride.

Capturing the spirit of Asylums’ forthcoming album “Killer Brain Waves”, “Necessary Appliances” is a testament to what can be achieved by four people with no money, but the ideas, willpower, and guts. Creativity trumps budget. Money money money can buy a big billboard, but it can’t buy you authenticity.

“Killer Brain Waves” will be released this summer.  It was recorded by Thomas Mitchener (Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes bassist), and features tracks mixed by Chris Sheldon (Foo Fighters, Drenge, Block Party).

Upcoming Shows:

7th April – The Garage, London (supporting Tellison)
30th April – Live At Leeds Festival
6th May  – Cool Thing Club Night, Southend (with Bellevue Days)
4th June – Camden Rocks


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