Soulful vocalist Dee Stone releases new single ‘These Are The Days’

The new track ‘These Are The Days’ by critically acclaimed artist, Dee Stone, is one that combines her passion for all things soulful, with RnB, rap and even african drumming by Kristen Arant that will have you nodding along before you know it!


“This song is special to me” says Dee, and you can hear the raw, personal qualities of her song-writing in the uplifting and comforting lyrics to this song. It is a heartfelt description of her experience of going back “to the DC area, after brief stays in Montreal and Los Angeles. Returning to what had been home, I felt that, instead of things coming full circle, I was going around in circles…still trying to figure out where I belonged.”

But Dee is full of positive messages and the song’s catchy melody mirrors Dee’s attitude that “no matter where we are, there is beauty in everything and everyone around us.”

Watch the video for her track here:

Or go to her website here :


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