A superstar in China – British singer-songwriter Kashy Keegan is ready to take over the rest of the world with new album ‘Inner Song’

The album ‘Inner Song’ is out on 18th March and ready to pre-order on itunes on 5th March 2016.

The single ‘Need For Love’ is available on itunes on 5th March 2016.

His upcoming album ‘Inner Song’ is an account of Kashy’s roller coaster life which saw him emerging from an unknown musician with the most eclectic range of day jobs to a renowned star in China. With a musical style that touches upon influences from Adele to George Michael, Kashy has won over the hearts of the people in Hong Kong in 2013 where he started turning his acclaimed song into reality and live his dream of being a successful musician.

His song ‘Need For Love’ draws upon his recent life changes and moving to Hong Kong to pursue his goals. The song is about the basic human need for love and how people sometimes create a bubble around them that causes them to feel lonely.







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