Stunnah Gee Set For Brand New Release

Having begun singing from a young age, Stunnah Gee spent years honing his craft and perfect his musical delivery. His dedication to the purveyance of popular music demonstrates that he is exactly what pop music needs right now.

Stunnah is hard at work propagating African Neo-Soul and is becoming a pioneer and mentor to the next generation.

The track is fantastic introduction to Stunnah Gee, an amalgamation of all his musical inspiration and a perfect delineation of his style. Filmed in Nigeria and shot and directed by acclaimed videographer Mex, Stunnah Gee’s video for ‘Dengme’ incorporates both breath taking Nigerian scenery and the a glimpse into the wild lifestyle Stunnah embodies.

‘Dengme’ featuring Davido is out January 22nd

Stunnah Gee play’s the Madison Lounge, Manchester on November 20th.




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