The Highbrow out of one of Germany’s finest cities Heidelberg

Music & Riots Magazines notes about the song: “From Here On Out” is exactly the kind of post-punk that we want to hear in 2015. Energetic, layered, thoughtful, meaningful, and… magical!

Pelican Sounds, the new record by THE HIGHBROW, may make you expect angry bird-sounds. But in fact, THE HIGHBROW present themselves in Post Punk full of weltschmerz, Soul and pithiness. This is the danceable quarter-life crisis, decorated with guitar and organ.

Singer Denis abandons the alleged seriousness of their look and performance THE HIGHBROW’s vintage sound, the driving guitars and the creaking Farfisa organ recall heroes like THE MAKE-UP, THE HIVES or THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY. The record’s six songs celebrate the big musical gestures, which the latest Indie and Shoegaze wave has been lacking so badly.


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