Si Cranstoun Showcase – Borderline 14 / 10 / 14

Si Cranstoun by Richard Thorpe
Si Cranstoun by Richard Thorpe

I was lucky enough to be invited to The Borderline in London last night to see upcoming singer Si Cranstoun perform as part of his album showcase.

Si Cranstoun has clearly honed his act and his performance and stage presence was complete class.  He definitely knows how to capture and entertain an audience.

The sold out gig saw Si performing original and classic tracks from his new album ‘Modern Life’ which was available from Monday.

The room erupted when Si performed his latest single ‘Dance for Evermore’

Si Cranstoun has been described as “A squeeze of The Bee Gees, a bit of Billy Joel, a dash of Dean Freidman, and a ripple of Rodriguez.” By Chris Evans himself as well as regularly being compared to the likes of Jackie Wilson and Sam Cooke. His music blends northern soul, motown, blues together with an uplifting twist of pop. All combined on stage with Si’s stylish looks, trademark hat and sleek dance moves.                                                                                                                  

For more information on Si check out his website here: / @SiCranstoun

Check out his latest single here:


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