Busker signs million pound record deal with Warner Music Group


Si Cranstoun, a former street busker from Caterham, Sussex accepts a million pound record deal.

The busking superstar has been dominating the vintage scene for some years now. Gathering a strong indie following, Warner Music Group now look to set up the male singer/songwriter in the interest of propelling his career into the mainstream.

His live banter filled street performances have seen him rise to fame as the King of all things vintage and has brought him a great deal of success on the street of Cambridge so far. Recently supporting acts such as The Overtones on their Nationwide tour and BBC Radio 2 having featured his work on their playlist, it is fair to say that the time is now for Caterham-born busker.

His latest single is called ‘Caught in the Moonlight’ and has a sweet and smooth sound. Think Jamie Cullum meets Michael Bublé. His lyrics roll off the tongue and give that summer festival feeling. So lets all join hands and sway from side to side for this very special track.

Tell us what you think of Caught in the Moonlight in the Comments. Also if you get a chance share this video with your friends and family, to brighten up their summer holidays.


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