New album from These Raven Skies

Sample their single ‘No Need to Worry’ on Soundcloud:

TRS Cover Art HQ

After being signed with Blackstream Records, an international distribution label, These Raven Skies
formed their own record label and are now set to release their own debut self titled album on 1st August.

No Need to Worry Review:
This First release is an infectious rock track, filled with intricate guitar riffs and powerful, anthemic vocals. This track is inspired by a real-life experience where the band were involved in a bar fight to defend two female fans from some aggressive male regulars. As you would expect from this red blooded breed, chairs were thrown and knives brandished, however, fortunately the band came out of it in better shape and justice prevailed!

Formerly known as Dreams of Reason, These Raven Skies changed their name to mark a change in musical direction and maturity. This was encouraged by The Tea Party’s front man, Jeff Martin, who took the band’s demos and applied his own creative flare, adding eclectic world music elements and arrangements to develop an intriguing classic rock flavour. Not afraid to write a record with no restraints and consideration for convention, These Raven Skies took influences from the likes of The Rolling Stones, The Tea Party, Led Zeppelin, and Soundgarden.

Having supported established bands such as Korn, Billy Talent, Flux Pavillion and Buckcherry, it is no surprise they are getting recognition for their wealth of talent and energetic live performances. These successes have seen them headline major hometown venues such as The Republik! as well as playing local Canadian festivals.

After experiencing various personal tragedies, the band channelled their emotions and passion into their music allowing them to create a great rock album which is perfect for any rock ‘n’ roll fan.

These Raven Skies
Chris Perkins – vocals
Alex Whitcome – guitar
Shand Munro – drums
Trevor Landmark – bass



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